Priorities by List

Good morning, chickedies. I’ve been thinking a lot about (what else?) myself lately, and what I want to be, so I’ve decided that I’m going to make lots of lists. Here goes.

Things I want to be:

  • A novelist
  • A waitress (I was told that, at some point, I should be a waitress… not as a career, but as a part-time job or something. So I want to be a waitress for a while)
  • A crafter of cool things (like notebooks or papier-mache piggy banks or greeting cards or hats)
  • A motivational speaker of some sort
  • A suicide hotline phone-answerer (I think it would be nice to help people in that way… it seems important)
  • Someone with lots of money

Things keeping me from being the aforementioned things:

  • Novelist: ~ Lack of ideas for writing novels ~ Lack of time during which I can write these imaginary novels ~ Lack of confidence in the idea that anyone would want to read these novels ~ Lack of willpower to embark on such a time-consuming and challenging project as a novel~
  • Waitress: ~ Not old enough to actually be hired (even though I am supposedly old enough, by law, to hold down a waitressing job) ~
  • Crafter of cool things: ~ My desk is too messy for me to actually get anything done on ~ I’m too easily distracted and quick to give up on things when I get confused ~ I can’t make a whole lot of cool things ~
  • Motivational speaker: ~ I don’t really have anything motivational to say ~
  • Suicide Hotline phone-answerer: ~ I haven’t the foggiest idea how someone would apply to be one of those people ~
  • Someone with lots of money: ~ (read: “Waitress”) ~

Things I should be doing right now:

  • Science homework (but I’ll save that for Sunday)
  • Eating more cereal
  • Putting eye drops in (dang allergies)
  • Getting ready to leave the house

Qualities that a leader should possess:

  • Knowledge of geography (eg, street names, freeways, et cetera)
  • Good recall
  • Ability to connect and communicate with the people she leads
  • Ability to communicate with anyone
  • Advanced social skills, such that no one is too nervous to ask her for help
  • Enough modesty to know when to ask for help
  • Enough connections to know who to ask for help
  • Confidence and respectfulness
  • Good posture
  • Strength – physical, emotional, and mental are all pretty much equally important
  • Levelheadedness in all situations


Okay, that might be enough listing for today. See you later! I’ve got to talk to a guy about a zombie…


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