Of Grammar and Spanish…?

Well, isn’t it nice that right after I posted a notice saying that I wouldn’t ditch this blog, I totally ditch this blot? I cannot believe I haven’t posted for more than a week. That’s just plain silly right there.

There’s something I think should be part of the English curriculum. I wish they would teach students how to use those phrases that are said and heard very commonly, but are often used incorrectly or inappropriately to the situation. For example, when people say something like, “In what bottle shall we put the octopus?” (I used this sentence as my example because I know that it is a very oft-used sentence), people often make the mistake, when trying to express this inquiry, of saying, “In what bottle shall we put the octopus in?”

You see the error, don’t you? You said in twice! It’s repetitive. You either say “In what bottle shall we put the octopus?” or you say, “What bottle shall we put the octopus in?” You don’t get to put the two together, because then you’re just saying in twice, and you really don’t need at least one of those ins, and one of them doesn’t really want to be there; he or she would much rather be home with his or her family, who loves him or her very much and will miss him or her when he or she is off sitting at the end or beginning of a sentence, where he or she doesn’t belong and where he or she is simply making the sentence awkward.

How do you tell the gender of a word like “in” (so that I don’t have to say “him or her” so much) if the word isn’t in a language like Spanish where all the words have a gender? I mean, I can pretty much tell that “el mapa” is male, and if I needed to talk about “el mapa”, I could say, “La familia del mapa està muy triste porque lo està lejos de la familia.”

Okay, my sister doesn’t think that makes sense, but the point is that I used “lo”–the masculine pronoun–instead of “lo o la”–which would be the same as “he or she”–because I know that the map (which, by the way, is what “el mapa” means) is a boy.

My sister says that I probably am not ready to personify words or items in Spanish yet. Just because I’m only in 1-2, she thinks I’m stupid? Is that it?

Okay, I’m very sorry about this post. I started talking about something that might’ve been relevant, and I wound up speaking gnarled Spanish.

I really am sorry.

See y’all later, chickedies! Maybe I’ll start making sense again next time around.


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