Lady Gaga Makes You Think

Baby, I was born this way! Heck yeah, Lady, you sing it.

In truth, I’m quite a Gaga-fan. Not so much as some of my friends, perhaps, but I like her music. “Born This Way” is definitely something I would recommend to pretty much anyone.

Has anybody noticed how popular positivity is getting again? I like it. I was such a confused person with apathy, cynicism, and disappointment were in style, but now I’m just so happy! I guess I figured out last summer that being happy and positive tended to be a lot more productive than whining. It irritates me to see people, all dressed up in their stupid “Black Veil Brides” shirts and Kandi-cuffs, looking perpetually petulant and dissatisfied with the world.

It’s the only one we have so far. We should learn to deal with it. Improve it. Fix anything that’s wrong with it.

Also, the people who like to complain about America’s government system or whatever when they don’t know a damn thing about it. There’s a guy in my English class, and he’s so ignorant! He watches way too much TV, I think, because he just stereotypes everything—any executive of a company must hate people and love money. Anyone who works for the government? Corrupt. Evil. Also a money-hoarder. Probably, they hate pandas, too.

Personally, I think America’s doing alright. I mean, I suppose we could be doing better, but I like it well enough. I’ll say that I’d rather be nowhere else than where I am.

I dunno, maybe I’m just upset that people don’t appreciate what they have. I mean, we’ve been given a lot. We’re gifted, talented students, we’re all very smart and we go to a good school with a good standing—one of the best in our district!—and I really can’t find anything to complain about.

Maybe my home-life is just more stable than my classmates’ or something. That could be it. Maybe he has mean parents who fight all the time or maybe they don’t give him enough attention or maybe they make him do too many things, like tennis and stuff. I guess I should just pray that he finds enjoyment in his life. I hope everyone can. I wish I could help improve people’s lives. I wonder if I can work for a suicide hotline…

Speaking of which, why is it that whenever you read about teenage suicides, everyone says something like, “Yeah, she was always the girl with a smile on her face—she was always helping people and she was so nice…”? I mean, why are these seemingly happy people wanting to kill themselves? I dunno, I think if I pretended to be happy all day, I’d end up pretty happy. Or, if I was sad enough to try to kill myself, I don’t think I would pretend to be happy.

I dunno, I’ve always been too weak to hold in my emotions. A lot of people say that holding in emotions is weak, but I just don’t see it. I think it’s stronger to carry your own burden—not to push it on other people by crying on them and being a hassle. There isn’t anything wrong, of course, with crying on other people. But I just think it’s silly to call that “strength”.

Well, that’s enough Gaga-inspired stream of consciousness for one night, I do believe. That said, my mother has demanded that my sister and I go to bed, so that’s what I’ll be doing—y’know, after I wash my face, brush and floss my teeth, put up my hair…

Good night, chickedies!


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