One Hour to Write?

It’s an hour before I get picked up to go the concert and listen to a band that I’ve never even heard of before. I’m going to look them up on YouTube and see if I can find any of their music that I like…

Oh, wow. Their cover of “A Thousand Miles” is awesome! It’s all… well, it’s all ska–syncopated punk-rock, that is.

Okay, anyways. That leaves me with only an hour to write my story of today, and I can’t think of anything right now. Then again, I’m sitting somewhere that I don’t normally write from, so my mindset should be different, right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

Yo necesito una histora para escribir por la “Maya de Historia una Dia”.

A ha ha, Spanish time over.

So, today, my sister and I went with some members of our school band to a leadership seminar, and the guy there told us a story. He said that when he was in calculus in high school, he had a really awful teacher who had the most dull voice, and he knew his field so well that he just got frustrated when people didn’t get it, so he wasn’t all that good at teaching.

He was in this class with a lot of his friends who were also in band and AP psychology with him, so they proposed a psychological experiment, which they got the whole class in on. The idea was that they would get the teacher to stop walking to one side of the class room.

The class had a chalkboard that ran the length of the front wall, and right in the middle hung the American flag. When he stood on one side of the flag, the students would look up attentively, take notes, sit up straight, and other behaviors of good learning habits.

When he walked to the other side of the flag, they wouldn’t start talking or anything, but they would sort of slouch, look around the classroom, rustle papers… stuff like that.

The day they knew that their experiment had succeeded was when, two weeks later, they were working on a very long problem, and he had already filled up one side of the chalkboard, and he still needed more space. Instead of crossing over to the other side of the flag, he leaned over on his tippy-toes and stretched his arm really far, so he could finish the problem.

That was their experiment. The leader of the workshop told us that they all got A’s in AP psych, but they all got C’s in calculus.

Hm. I could cop-out and just call that my story… I do have to eat soon, and there’s only about half an hour before I leave…

Okay, it looks like that’s all I’m doing tonight since I still have to get my purse all together for the concert and stuff… So, see y’all later, my chickedies!


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