Concert Tomorrow!

Time for me to get out that little black dress! And tights. And shoes. Jewelery, too, maybe.

Our last concert of the year is tomorrow night. It’s our “Pops” concert, which means we get to play cool songs, like the Beatles and Earth, Wind, and Fire (so funky!). Also, a really super sad song from a really super sad movie–(the theme from) “Schindler’s List”. Nobody actually likes that song except for my boyfriend, because he has a really awesome solo for pretty much the entire song through. So there’s always that… Oh, and our fourth song is “Star Trek”, so, you know…

Band geeks Trekking out. That’s just what we need.

Well, I’m hopefully going to get a little more sleep than usual tonight, because otherwise, I’ll fall asleep during the onslaught of rest-measures I get in “Schindler’s List”, and that just won’t look very good at all. Besides, drum major tryouts are after school on Friday, so I need to get a head start on this whole sleeping thing (since we won’t be getting home tomorrow night till around nine or so).

That said, I’ll just start writing my story-a-day now.

End of Days Is Approaching!

Judgement Day is the 21st of May!

Are YOU ready to be judged???

I like going on walks by the local Catholic school. I have a lot of friends who go there, so I usually stop by on my way home and I wait for them outside the gate. Sometimes, though, I walk by just to look at all the signs they have posted around.

The world-ending thing seemed to really be getting them down. I leaned against the gate and checked my watch. It was about ten minutes until the Academy of Albinus of York let out, so I pulled Darwin’s Origin of Species out of my backpack.

I wasn’t reading it just to be contrary, I swear. It was a school assignment.

Okay, maybe I was just trying to be contrary. I liked the book, and people from the AoAoY gasped in shock at my blasphemous reading choice, which I found really funny. Fine; I was just trying to get a rise out of some poor, faithful people. I’m not a good person, I guess.

I looked up from my book and saw a poster that said, “$ex Ha$ It$ Price: A play presented by the Catholic Youth of Carmel-by-the-Sea theater group”. I couldn’t help but think that they were trying to encourage prostitution. After all,do you know how many hundreds of concubines Solomon allegedly had?

I was distracted from my thoughts when a shadow fell over me and I looked away from the poster to see a guy in a tie looking down at me.

“Well, hey, miss. What are you doing out of class?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t go to this school.” I nudged by book at him, thinking that it would prove just how much I didn’t go to this school.

“Oh.” He read the cover. “Oh.”

I smiled a purse-lipped smile at him and went back to reading.

“Hey,” he said again. “You still have time to repent,… It’s only three days until the twenty-first, you know.”

I smiled again. “Gee, thanks, but no thanks. I just remembered that I have some important stuff to do, so bye now!”

I left without another word, just one more tight little smile.


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