Netflix Will Inevitably Be the Death of Me

So, I know that I’m playing the Blame Game when I say this, but I’m going to go ahead with it and say that, yeah, I haven’t been posting for a few days since I’m watching various movies and TV shows via Netflix. How can I not? I’ve got Glee on demand. I’m happy as a clam.

This really will kill me. I’m on episode 16 of season one, and already, I’m going through withdrawal because my dad is tired of me dominating the TV with this nonsense, so he turned on… Made In Britain, an apparently old movie that involves a bald British guy and lots of other British people who I can’t understand  without exhausting my brain with focus. And I’m trying to focus on my blog right now.

Heh heh… I’m so cool. God, I’m such a cool kid. Look at me, “Oh, I’m just one my blog right now…” Yeah. That’s right. Who has two thumbs and a blog? This chick!

–Oh, God, why do they keep saying “bullocks”? Just ’cause they’re British, they get to say stupid words? Unacceptable. Oh, and then this jerk has the audacity to say normal-person curse words! Hah! Oh, ha ha ha, he said, “wanker”, never mind. He’s not a normal-person. And if there’s any Brits out there who are deeply offended that I’m mocking you and the way you speak, I’m so sorry, it’s just sort of funny for me to watch old movies about British people whom I have no understanding of. So there, I said it, I’m culturally ignorant. That’s practically a handicap, right? So you can’t be mad at me. There.

I fully apologize for being such a bad person. Sorry, Brits. I don’t hate you. I, y’know, can’t really say I love you, but hey, I don’t outright hate you.

It’s almost the end of the school year. All that’s left is next week and the Monday after. Then, it’s smooth sailing till we hit September fifth!

My schedule for the next week and a day looks pretty breezy, too, actually. On Wednesday, I have my first final–Spanish. It’s 100 questions and I haven’t got the foggiest idea why our teacher refuses to put the test on his designated “finals” day, on which we’ll have a two hour class period for his class. Instead, we’ll be watching a video about… the Aztecs! His favorite subject!

What’s that you say? Shouldn’t he teach us Spanish? What a concept! Can I write that down? Maybe he’d consider it. Except that he wouldn’t. Because he’s a biased and pigheaded jerk.

Anyway, Thursday will have Public Speaking and AP Environmental Science, so the first half of my day will be a waste of time (yay!) and the second half, a painful and gruesome mix of tears and blood and the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park, with some Eukaryotic cells splashed here or there. I have to memorize those macromolecules at some point. But I’ll get to that later. Because for now, Kirsten Chenowith is belting it out on Glee, and I adore that woman. She was just fantastic as G(a)linda in Wicked.

Anyway, good night. I love you chickedies, okay? Sweet dreams!


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