Listening to Glee Songs… That’s My Excuse For Today

I think that’s a good enough reason, right? To not do my English homework? I think so.

Tomorrow is the last day of school! I’m so excited! We don’t have to wake up early anymore after tomorrow! But… Oh, God, I’m really going to miss the seniors. I was surprised how many seniors I met and befriended this year. Mostly thanks to Public Speaking, I guess. I’m surprised how worthwhile that class was. In all seriousness, I fully recommend it. It was a really, truly great experience. I met so many great people.

I think I’m going to go ahead and make a little list of things I learned as a freshman. I mean, I guess it’s not much of an accomplishment, getting through ninth grade and all, but I had a really great year, so maybe I can pass that on to somebody else. (Except that the only person who reads this blog is going to be a senior next year…)

  • Talk to everyone. Be friends with everyone. People are actually pretty nice, shockingly. So go ahead and try to make a ton of friends! You’ll have so many more experiences that way. You’ll go to more events, like games and parties and concerts and competitions, and it’s really fun! So go ahead and don’t be shy!
  • Yeah, I’m going to go there: Schoolwork matters. Just do it, okay? I know I’m  in no position to preach this, but procrastination doesn’t pay off. Work on your assignments little by little. It makes things so much easier. I wish I could stress that enough.
  • Be nice to your parents, please. It really irks me when people are really disrespectful to their parents, but seriously, be nice. Do your chores and stuff, okay? Because, at least for most people, they’re the ones who decide whether or not you get to go to just about anything. And anything is pretty fun.
  • Save your money! This is something I regret not doing much of this year. If you get an allowance, save a portion of it for later. If you–like me–can’t get a summer job, you’re going to really thank yourself, and I’ve heard that senior year is expensive as hell, so start saving up now! Because chances are, you’re going to want to go to Prom, Grad Night, any special field trips, all that stuff. Save up.
  • Try lots and lots of new things. Because I was in marching band, I got into all the home games for free this year, including the Homecoming, and seriously, football is actually fun to watch! I mean, I still don’t get it, but it’s pretty interesting. I also went to the Homecoming  dance, which was really fun, and I danced with my friends and my boyfriend and it really was fun. I got to go to that ska concert in a pretty seedy area and I had a ton of fun, and I danced with some friends and some strangers and it was really amazing. I went to a bunch of parties, too, and I tried some really disgusting beverages at a really fun restaurant–I say try new things, but don’t try red bean flavored milk… it’s awful–and I made a lot of new friends. So seriously, step out of your comfort zone if you have the chance to.
  • Be yourself. I know you hear that a lot, and it’s probably becoming white noise to your ears, but that’s really important. Dr. Seuss said two things that I really admire: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” That, and “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” In other words, the people who don’t like who you are when you’re being yourself don’t matter, okay? Why would you waste your time with people who don’t like the real you? The people you hang out with should be the ones who make you flourish, mkay?
  • That isn’t to say you shouldn’t change ever. I mean, it’s high school, and this is a really big time in our lives. It seems like a joke sometimes, and there are those times when I’ve wondered what the point of these four years might be, but the truth is, we’ve got a lot of growing up to do, and a good portion of that happens right now. The person I was at the beginning of the year is different than the person I am now. And by the end of next year, I think I’ll have changed even more. Just go with it. Accept the fact that you’re changing.
  • Don’t sweat anything too much. I know that there’s a lot of pressure to take harder classes and join lots of clubs and stuff, but it’s not too big a deal. You should try to challenge yourself, but if it’s going to kill you, don’t let it. B’s aren’t that bad. Every now and then, I mean. Strive for the best, by all means! But if it’s too much, it’s too much, and you can accept that, alright? If you’re doing really badly, of course, you should really work hard to get back on track, but seriously, you’ll be alright in the end.
Okay, that’s my freshman year for you. Thanks for reading, chickedies! Enjoy yourselves!

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