The Halfway Bakery

I didn’t know this, but my sister’s friends, apparently, have a “back up plan”, of sorts.

One boy–I will call him Wes, though that is not his name–says that, if everything in his life doesn’t work out, if it all just goes to hell in a hand-basket, he will open a bakery. And he says that if any of their closely-knit group of friends ever finds him- or herself in a situation where everything is just not working out for him or her, he or she can come to Wes’s bakery.

Basically, it’s a halfway home for their friends. If they are in a desperate situation, they will always find work at the Halfway Bakery.

I wish my friends from school were close like that. Where they have all these elaborate plans to stay connected in their future. No, I don’t wish my friends were like that; I wish I had friends like that. My friends from school just aren’t the sorts of people with whom I really want to stay connected deep into my life.

Anyways, happy summer vacation. I blistered my feet up somethin’ fierce, so tomorrow, I’m just going to play Wii and maybe star that novel of mine.

I’ll be bored and alone… All day… Except not really bored. Just sort of alone. And even then, I’ll be able to call my friends pretty much whenever I want.

But they’ll all be like, “Hey, wanna hang out?” And I’ll be like, “Can’t! Inoperable feet!”  And then there’ll just be that awkward, “…Oh. Well, uh, I’m kind of about to go to a movie, I was going to invite you along but…” And then we’ll both say, “Inoperable feet.” And then we’ll sort of laugh uncomfortably, and then she’ll say, “Oh, ha ha, well, that’s my ride, it’s been great chattin’ you up!”

And then she’ll leave me, too. Just like all my friends will. Because we’re not a family, like my sister’s friends are. I’m jealous. But I can’t do anything about it. I can include myself as one of her friends… but it’s not the same. I’ll always be an outsider. I’ll just be “her little sister” to them, mostly. Whatever. Happy summer break, guys!


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