The Lighter Note

I was just reading my most recent post and… wow, dark much? I wasn’t even in a bad mood when I wrote it, but somehow, it came out all sorts of jaded and mean. Honestly, I do like my friends quite a bit. And I’m sure that if they ever grow into quasi-civilized members of society, I would love to stay connected to them. I have a few friends whom I don’t go to school with, and whom I love quite dearly and would of course stay connected with throughout my life, too, like you, Riko.

Anyways, since this is supposed to be a writing blog, I thought I should mention that I’ve recently entered a writing contest for the upcoming Machine of Death: Volume 2 book, which is a follow-up to (just guess, I dare you) Machine of Death. I entered one short story, and I plan on submitting at least one more. Each person is allowed three submissions, so have at it!

I just checked my piggy bank and I have managed to save up most of my gift money, so I have ~$170 for upcoming events this summer, which is great! I think I have something like $3 on a gift card to a store I really like, so that’s pretty much a moot point, but I have a gift card for Kohl’s that’ll hopefully get me through any beginning-of-summer shopping I need to do, and a treasure trove of bookstore gift cards, so there’s always that! I don’t think I’ve used a single one of them yet, either, so that’s good. I’ll be able to satisfy any book cravings as the months crawl on, which is such a relief, because the less actual money (as in cash) I spend now, the more I’ll have for such exploits as conventions and trips and concerts that I plan on going to later on. I intend to use whatever’s left after that to shop for back-to-school clothes, but I could have a little forethought and save for, say, Christmas shopping or the like.

I think there need to be some money-giving holidays in the Summer! I mean, I’ve got my birthday and Christmas for winter, and there’s usually a little cash involved in Easter if I play my cards right, plus the usual spattering of report card money throughout the school year… but summer–the months during which I have the most time and means to go shopping–is the time of year that I have almost no opportunities to get money!

Okay, I’ve been basically complaining about this since April or something, and I’m sure everyone I know is tired of hearing it, so I’ll just cut myself off and try to think of something else to write about today.

I’ve got nothing. I just got the best sleep of my life, and I’m suspecting that it’s because, A, I only slept for 8 hours, and, B, I ate a ton of food in my dreams, so I’m gonna go now and enjoy my day. See y’all later, chickedies!


One response to this post.

  1. Oh, poor little Writer Chickedy (re: your financial woes)!

    I’m glad you followed up on yesterday’s post. I was feeling a little badly for Riko and all of your other “little friends”.

    Many (many) hugs, from me to you, and have a good evening. ❤


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