Tired, Uninspired

So the reason I haven’t been posting in a little while is because I haven’t had anything to say. That isn’t to say that today I have something to say, but I thought I should say why I haven’t been saying much in the recent days.

I need a breakthrough. I’m watching a documentary thing about this thing called TED. Oh, it’s “Technology Entertainment and Design”. Oh, look at that, Bill Gates. He just said a bunch of  stuff about… um, mockingbirds? And it rhymed, well, sometimes. It was kind of funny.

Anyways, these people are all supersmart and geniuses and stuff. It’s a bunch of crazy smart CEOs and inventors and innovators and they’re all doing super cool stuff to save the Earth and the children and everybody in China and the children and books and stuff. It’s just great, really. Maybe I should go there someday? Where’s Monterey? That’s in CA? Cool. Oh, well, it’s a lot farther north…

Anyway, it costs a bazillion dollars to go to it anyways. Well, more like $300, but that’s a lot. Oh, look, these people win prizes? That’s cool.

I should be famous someday! That’s it! Ah! Why haven’t I thought of that before? Hello!

Oh, wait, I have too thought of that! Damn. Well, that’s okay. I’ll just do that, too.

Theeeeen, after I’m famous and stuff, I’ll, like, go save people in third world countries, or, um, something. I don’t know! Famous people can’t be bad people, that makes them worse than normal bad people! I want to be able to do great things. And I think I want to be famous in order to do that. Then I can do even greater things! Sound like a plan?

Okay, I’m so sorry, this is a really exhausted late-night rambling. Well, it’s not even late. It’s only 11. But I’m tired. I walked a lot today, okay? Good night, chickedies. I’m sorry about this silly post.

“Help me make sustainability sexy!” What.



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